Alice's Adventures under Ground [Dossier]

"Alice's Adventures under Ground" 
is Lewis Carroll's Original Title for Alice

"Alice's Adventures under Ground" is a secret dossier, recently discovered, written by a British ex-spy about collusion between Alice and White Rabbit to overturn the un-reality of the underworld. The title Alice's Adventures under Ground is historically documented to be the original title of Lewis Carroll's Alice opus. [See the reproduction of original cover below.]

Herein, Alice's 21st Century's story resurrects the original title, "under Ground" in place of "Wonderland." Alice follows the White Rabbit deep into the underground to confront the upside-down unreality of the creatures who inhabit the dark places beneath our lofty self-illusions. Alice exposes the shadows that lurk inside each brain. 

Professor Dodgson's 21st Century version of the Alice story would be more similar to The Matrix than to Cinderella. The story plays out simultaneously in two parallel realities––the mad mind and the "under Ground."

Original cover design for Alice's Adventures under Ground
[Notice: "under" is spelled with a small "u" and "Ground" with a large "G"]