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Alice's Adventures under Ground [Original Cover]

"We're all mad here," is the most recognized quote from Carroll's underground. The famous or infamous phrase is the affirmation of Cheshire Cat, who also said, "I'm not crazy. My reality is just different from yours." The Cat indicted Alice, telling her, "You are also mad." Current psychology pundits diagnose Alice with schizophrenia for talking to a disappearing cat and a hookah-smoking caterpillar.

What about the dope-smoking Caterpillar? His obvious substance use disorder (SUD) devolves into delusions of grandeur (DOG). The three-inch tall, blue caterpillar, rearing itself upright proclaimed, "Three inches is a very good height indeed." He is the one who advises Alice to eat one side of the mushroom. One side? The little worm tells her, "One side will make you grow larger and one side will make you grow small."

How did Lewis Carroll's macabre funny-farm evolve (or, devolve?) into a beloved cast of nursery rhyme characters? Walt Disney can be lauded or blamed for sugar-coating Carroll’s madhouse in the 1951 Disney animation––Alice in Wonderland. Hollywood's Technicolor film recasts Carroll’s mentally "deranged" psychos into cuddly characters for kids to take to bed to ward off nightmares. What Hollywood fails to expose to Alice's fans is that Disney's cuddly characters are reincarnations of Lewis Carroll's crazy cast.